How to make a breakdown quotation in qoutation

Hi, I am using ERPNEXT Software and I want to know how can I make a breakdown estimation in it, Like I want to have three sections for manpower, for material and for equipment. is this possible?

if this is not possible, can i do it in bom module? is there any custumization required?

please help me. thanks

I have already did this but the problem it is not total of the 3, only the material cost is recognized in the total cost, manpower and equipment cost is not included

You can add manpower and equipment as a service items…Each item in the Quotation could have separate UoM… rate and qty… given the current design, and compatibility with the transactions ahead (Sales order, invoice etc.), sticking to the standard item table… and adding multiple items in the same section will be the cleanest and quickest approach.

Thank you Umair, but can you give me an example step by step, so that i can try? appreciate your support.