How to make a single PO line go to multiple projects (ERROR: Same item cannot be entered multiple times)

Here is a dillemna that I am hoping someone else has encountered and can offer a practical solution for how to manage. Here is our scenario:

We have a vendor who does artwork for us. They bill us for each page they draw and each week they submit a single invoice for the number of drawings they make and projects for which they made the drawings. We have an item called “drawing” which is a stock item which we use with this vendor.

We tried to issue a PO with multiple lines for “drawing” and each of the lines is associated with a different project. This would allow us to make one PO per week for all the drawings and then to tie them into each project. ERPNext complains that you can’t issue the same item twice in a single PO.

SO…my question is this: How can we issue a single PO for one item but spread it accross multiple projects? Is there a way to accomplish this? Thanks community!!

Make sure “Allow item to be added multiple times in a transaction” is checked.


Thanks for the heads up. When I click the box and save I get the following error message:

“Fieldname tax_id appears multiple times in rows 4, 6”.

It will not allow me to save the changes. Are there additional steps we need to take in order to be allowed to make this work?

You have created a custom field that matches with delivered field, you need to go to custom fields and delete it.