How to make API hit via POSTMAN to POS(online) in ERPNext v12?

Hi folks,

Since, most of the code version of POS(online) is in point_of_sales.js javascript file and related python files in
Also, there is no doctype for POS(online) unless like we have doctypes for Sales Order, Purchase Order etc.

So, I want to make an API hit via POSTMAN to POS(online) in ERPNext v12.

1.How can I make an API hit for POS(online) in ERPNext v12
2.How to make API call hit for any javascript files such as POS.js or point_of_sales.js

Thanks in advance

What would be the purpose of making the API call to POS?

The POS is simply a view. At the end, it ends up posting a sales invoice only.

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So, I have started working entirely “Sales Invoice” Doctype.
I hope POS is just an Interface.

Did u Mgt to get erpnext talk to pos.
I need the solution