How to make auto-payment entry for Cash Sales Invoice transactions

A general flow when making sales transactions is to first make a Sales Invoice and then create a Payment Entry against that sales invoice, these are 2 different entries that the user has to manually make. This if fine in case of Credit Customers. But in case of Cash customers where the customer is paying on the spot, manually creating another payment entry seems pointless. Is there a way, that the transaction be considered a Cash transaction and upon submission of the Sales invoice a payment entry is automatically created?

I’m new to Erpnext and it could be possible that I may be missing an option that I’m not aware of

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If you only sell cash or using debit/credit cards maybe you can sell using the POS.

In the top section of the Sales Invoice doctype, there’s a checkbox called “Include Payment”. Check that, and you’ll be able to include payments in the Invoice itself without needing a separate payment entry.


Thanks a lot ! that worked