How to make conversion factor from box to nos?

I need to create conversion factor against box by nos, if box contains 10 pcs means my box is 1 and nos is 10, but default uom is must Box


Please define unit of measure in Item Master as follows:


Divyesh Mangroliya

I was try this too , but If I make delivery note in 1 Nos means, 1 box will be deducted from stock, how do I resolve it?

I have mine set up the other way. Seems to work for me. In your example, I would set up UOMs in item master with Nos = 1, Box = 10. Default UoM is Nos. But I can set up “Default Purchase Unit of Measure” under Purchase Replenishment Details and “Default Sales Unit of Measure” separately under Sales Details. So I can order and sell by default according to whatever UoM makes most sense for each transaction.

in that case Nos UOM conversion factor should be 0.10