How to make custome footer in custome app

How to customise footer in custome made app

So I need to make a template and than add that in hook is it ??

Hi @Hiba_Kuwari,

Inside your custom app directory, create a new folder called templates, if available then it’s Okay.

Inside the templates folder, create a new file named default_mail_footer.html.
Add your HTML content for the default footer in the default_mail_footer.html file.
For example:

    Sent via <a href="" target="_blank">TennisMart</a>

Then add in

default_mail_footer = frappe.get_template("default_mail_footer.html").render()

Run Bench Commands:

bench build
bench restart
// OR
bench --site [sitename] migrate

Example of templates or path

Please set your path according.


You can directly set it in


Thank You!