How to make delivery date not mandatory or allow text instead of date?


We’re trying to implement ERPNext for a furniture company and they do not want to commit to a specific delivery date and want to enter something like “4-6 weeks” but seems like only “Date” is allowed in the delivery_date field.

I tried hiding the field and replacing it with a custom field I created but when Sales Order is submitted it still insists “delivery_date” is mandatory.

Can someone help please?


@qmmedia I think its a good habit to start committing dates :slight_smile: You can ask your managers to set 6 weeks if they want but floating dates are useless.

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I know what you mean yes, but our situation is that we can only confirm dates around 1 week before the shipment arrives; anything before 1 week things are just out of their hands, not something they could control.

In the Delivery Date field, only DATE is allowed, and is mandatory, thus the problem. I can’t type like “4-6 weeks”.