How to make lead contact like customer's

We would like to track our leads on Organisation level, where each lead can have multiple contacts attached to it like Customer/Supplier

What’s the best way to achieve this?

Is it correct approach to add custom field in contact form to link it to Lead & add contact_html field in Lead form.

If yes, can someone suggest a script which can be added to the lead form to make it work smoothly.


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@Mukesh_Variyani Currently the lead table cannot have more than one contact and yes you can link more than one contact to a lead by creating a custom field but then I think there are plans to merge Lead table and Customer table which would later might create some issue.

But I also think its a correct approach.

Thanks @adityaduggal, is there anyway we speed up the plans of merging lead & customer table by contributing for this feature.

I am sure, many users would have leads as organization instead of individuals, and the feature can add value to them.


Just my two cents, I prefer Lead and Customers to be separated (as they are now).

Leads are really not Customers, at least not at the time of creation, they are in fact not even Opportunities. We use Leads to track ‘potential customers’ which we have harvested from say some Business Database, or even Businesses that we’ve just come across whom we may have potential business dealings with in the future. We keep them in Leads to track the possibility of contacting them one day. And once we have a possibility to pitch our product we move them to Opportunities, and once get to sell to them - we move them to Customers. This process string is actually really neat.

If you really wanted to manage multiple contacts in Leads you could actually create a Child Table and link the Child Table items to the Contacts doctype. Its actually not too difficult and its quite neat too. Hope this helps.

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I Agree on point both should be separate.

But I think we already have contacts table which is linked to all suppliers and customer, why shouldn’t it be linked to leads as well. This will also allow us to add multiple contacts in lead.

I Agree on @Mukesh_Variyani, currently Lead was created based on the name of the person and not based on the Company name as the customer… In this case, what happened is that we are creating too many leads for one organization… in that case, when converting lead to customer, we need to select which lead we have to convert…

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i have two erpnext one is ERPNext: v8.0.29 (master) , on this one when i make new contact i can link to lead , i have other erpnext version is ERPNext: v8.3.4 (master) on this erpnext when i make new contact there is not any option to link to lead , some one knows they delete this option on new version ?