How to make more fields visible to supplier during the filling of supplier quotation

Hi Guys,

I am filling supplier quotation through supplier portal and i found that supplier can fill only rate field and other fields are not visible to supplier.

So, how can we make more fields like lead time visible to supplier while filling the supplier quotation.

Rushikesh C

Hi @rushikeshmufc,

Requires lots of customization if you want the check it and modify it according to the scenario.

Thank You!

Thanks for replying

can we do some scripting at client side and enter in supplier quotation doctype connections?

If yes, then can you please share me code.

If you’re asking about using client script to make more fields visible on the web, it might not be possible with client script.

Then how can we overcome this issue. Where to i have to do the changes. Can you please explain me?

I’ve already shared this in the post. Trying it out yourself is the best way for you to learn.

Thanks brother for your help.