How to make Opening Stock?


I’ve just tried to create opening stock for some items.
For serialized items, I used Material Receipts and for Non-serialized I made Stock Reconciliation. But on the Stock Balance Report, Opening Qty/Value column is blank. The values are shown on “In Qty/Value” column. How to make the qty/value to be on the Opening column?


Value of ‘Opening Qty’ and ‘Opening Value’ column will display based on From Date and To Date filter.

Material Receipt for above item
Item =XYZ Qty =10 Rate =20 Amount=200 Date=30 march 2015 ,Stock Entry =STE-0001

Again create Material Receipt
Item =XYZ Qty =20 Rate =5 Amount=100 Date=2 April 2015, Stock Entry= STE-0002

In Stock Balance Report
1.If we select filter as From Date =1 apr and To Date =20 apr then
Opening Qty=10 Opening Value=200 (Stock balance before 1 april)

2.If we select filter as From Date =30 march and To Date =5 april then
Opening Qty =0 Opening Value=0 (assuming stock balance not available before 30 march)

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I see. Thanks

Another question, If we perform opening stock, is there a way to put purchase price too? Now only valuation rate is available via purchase/material receipt.

So, we can’t calculate gross profit of those items until we make future purchase receipts?

I know there’s a way…whis is making purchase receipt for each item when opening stock but it will take long time.

I think it’s better to put purchase price on stock reconciliation/material receipts. Or make valuation rate as purchase price for the first time.

So gross profit can be calculated when the items are sold.

Please advise.

Thanks again

I’m running into a similar situation, can anyone help us here. Thanks

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