How to make POS Sales Invoice for Healthcare

I’m Working in Healthcare But i don’t understand how to make POS invoice for Healthcare services.

I’m also having problem’s with generating sales invoice on patient encounter.


For Healthcare services its recommended to generate Invoice from “New Sales Invoice” and not from the POS. Create a new sales invoice and select the patient and then get item from healthcare services button at the top.

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I’m also having another problem with Invoice Appointment Automatically option from healthcare settings it should create sales Invoice Automatically. But It isn’t getting created.

@palashjhabak while creating New Sales Invoice i got the services from Healthcare services button but i dont see the taxes applied in the invoice.
If you could guide me with the steps to create an invoice for healthcare with the taxes included.

Taxes you will have to setup. It is independent of healthcare module. Setting Up Taxes Have a look at this link. Let me know.

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@palashjhabak Thank You, I have Created the sales Invoice Automatically But taxes are not getting added

I created everything what was given in the document Including tax rule and category.

Were you able to get this done?

Yes, in the recent updates it was cleared.


givmme soluation ?