How to "Make Purchase Order" from Sales Order (but skipping Material Request)

Hi community,

How can I make a purchase order straight from a sales order? In my local test installation, after creating a sales order I get the option to make a Material Request, and when I do that, I can create a Purchase Order from it. I don’t need the Material Request, and I checked the demo version (, and there it is actually possible to create a purchase order straight from the sales order.
I tried the item option “drop shipment” (which is what we do), but to no avail.

I’d really appreciate some help here…

in the “awesome bar”, just type “new sales order”. create a new one, and in the “Customer’s Purchase Order” field, you can insert the relevant document/reference


Are the items marked as drop ship items? If so, the option to create a Purchase Order should be available from the Sales Order: