How to make sure frappe, bench, erpnext, other apps are on same version

I need to know while i install frappe, and erpnext that they are compatible with each other.
how can i make that for sure.

Hi @kdeodhar,

Check the version to apply its command and more information to check its documentation.

bench version

Site-wise installed app to check for applying its command more information to check its documentation.

bench --site [site] list-apps

Thank You!

Thx, here is the output of my version command and list-apps command:

home/bench/erpnext/frappe-bench$ bench list-apps


home/bench/erpnext/frappe-bench$ bench version
admission 0.0.1
education 0.0.1
erpnext 14.10.1
frappe 14.19.1
healthcare 0.0.1
hrms 1.0.0
payments 0.0.1

Now I am not able to see my newly created app admission in the left pane of home page (desk).
What am I missing on? could you please let me know.

Please create a workspace for admission and check its desk.

Thank You!

not quite clear, how to create a workspace for my app?

I am able to create a workspace and I can see it in left pane,
but not sure how can I link it to app.

Go to Workspace and add a custom app name in the module.

Then check it.

I see empty workspace page. Not able to customise the screen


Please check it.

Check the documentation for New Workspace 2.0.