How to make the "Image View" the default view instead of "List View"

How can the “Image view” made the default view for the records of a doctype?

Instead of the list, it should be the image based view:

Hi @moroslantia,

Please apply a custom/client script for the listview.

frappe.listview_settings['Your DocType Name'].onload = function(listview) {
    window.location.href = "/app/your-doctype-name/view/image";

If the apply script then you can’t use listview.
If you are comfortable with it then use it.


Thank You!

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Simpler option on v14.

Doctype/Customize form > “View settings” > Set “Default view”


Thank you for your answer. It is what i was hoping for to find. However, i don’t have it available. What i’m missing?


It was implemented on v14.13

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Works fine on all older versions and the user is able to switch back.
You could also do

window.location.href = window.location.href.replace("/List", "/Image");

Hi, I am not getting “Gantt” as an option in the “Default View” select field. Is anyone else facing this problem?

Hi @kar_kamdar,

Because the Gantt option is not in the Default View option and the feature is not developed yet.

Thank You!