How to make visible Employee fields in salary slip

I’ve created one custom field called “UID Number” to accept employees Aadhar Card Number in Employee Form. I want to add this UID Number in Salary Slip. How can i configure this ? Also i need show “Date Of Joining” Field also.

How can i achieve these ?


in salary slip page, go to edit doctype, add one row - in that you will see fetch from field
just add there employee.uid_number or employee.date_of_joining.
Note: employee in my case is employee field name in salary slip doctype.

Ask if any query
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@vivek22793 Thanks it works for me. How can we find these predefined fields name ??

didnt get you.
What you want? explain your scenario.

@vivek22793 of course it is worked for me. I’m asking that from where i can see the complete list of all fields ??

are you asking about all the fields of employee?

@vivek22793 yes

That erpnext handle internally.
but if you want to print all employee field you can do
in py frappe.get_doc(“Employee”, “pass here id of employee(i.e HR-EMP-00003)”)
in js frappe.model.get_docfrappe.get_doc(“Employee”, frm.doc.employee)
Note : frm.doc.employee is link field of employee in salary slip.

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@vivek22793 But this “Date Of Joining” field is not in ‘Salary Slip Standard’ PDF Printout. How can i make it visible in PDF too ??

for that you have to change the print format code.
you have to add {{doc.date_of_joining}} in salary slip print format in whichever you want

@vivek22793 Can you please tell where is this file resides in backend?

in search just type print format list.
add filter salary slip after that you will get all the print format related to salary slip.