How to make XML invoice + send it automatically + Hungary onlineszamla

I’m not an expert, need some help.

The government regulation require to
send all invoices to the government system

The XML invoice data should be send
based this schema
/Letöltés → Download/:

Is it possible with the ERPNEXT system to send it the invoices at the time
the invoices created?

All information is appreciated.

You can use Jinja templates for this

Maybe also think about sharing it if you think it might be useful to someone else.


Thank you for prompt answer.

It seem it would be a two stage procedure.

  1. To make the Invoice conform against the
    /Letöltés → Download/:

  1. To create a Jinja templates for sending

Is it correct?

How to make the INVOICE conform against the schema?

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Did you create these Jinja templates in the end?


Welcome on board.

I‘m far behind and pleased to get some help about this subject.

Ha tudsz elkel egy kis segítség . Távol all tőlem a Jinja, azaz igazság .

In the mean time there is detailed explanation in different
languages about the new regulations:

It works with REST API.

Someone can tell how it works and should configure?
ERPNext capable for it?


Can you please take look on this:

GitHub - angro-kft/nav-connector: Node.js module which provides an interface for communicating with NAV online invoice service.

If it is implemented then all invoices submitting
automatically? How can be implement?
I’m not a developer.

Any suggestion apreciated.

Hi, I think you should need to create a custom app and create the XML required and send it to the government by using hooks (for example on_submit in Sales Invoice).

Also, it will be good to integrate this feature in the core, maybe in a regionalization like GST for India.

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Thank you for your information .

Now there is a gowerment git site for checking:

XML invoicing has already been implemented for Italy. You can check the code here.


I don‘t see automatic invoice sending to government hosted IP on the Italian invoicing.

In Hungary it is mandatory in time of filling an Invoice should supply immediately to authorities.

True, but the sending part is not that difficult. Have a look at the Python requests module.

Nov there is new API

New API interface as from January 1st 2021


dolgozunk a magyar számlázáson, de annak sok előfeltétele van, mint például a számlatükör, így azzal kezdtük. Erről nyitottunk egy új topikot itt:

Minden visszajelzésnek örülünk. Köszi. Bocs az offért, és a NAV számlázás releváns részleteit majd ide is posztoljuk.