How to make your own chart of accounts on a new installation

not 100% whether this is the only way to do it but it’s the only way I figured out.


  1. create new root accounts manually inside of ERPNext (Click on ‘Accounts’ and choose ‘Add Child’) *1
  2. export the Chart of Accounts as csv
  3. delete the lines with the root accounts (original ones and your new ones)
  4. change the ‘parent account’ to link existing accounts to your new root accounts (only 2nd tier)
  5. import this new csv with the Data import Tool (now you should have all existing accounts sorted under your own root accounts)
  6. delete all default root accounts manually in ERPNext *2

… from here you can at least tweak things manually inside of the ERPNext browser GUI

if there is a less dreadful way to do this … feel free to add it here

*1 this is necessary because you can not edit the existing root accounts (even it was just change the name from “Application of Funds (Assets)” to simply “Assets” i.e.

*2 this is only possible once there are no Child accounts (moved to the new root accounts in step 4) any longer