How to manage a multi-branch single single specialty OPD clinics in ERPNext Healthcare?

Need guidance for setting up multi-branch single specialty OPD clinics in ERPNext. Each branch has its own pricing for services. However, all the branches are for the same company. The options we are considering are:

  1. Main company as parent and branches as child.
  2. Set-up only one company and have each branch as a cost Centre. Customize and add Branch field in Patient, Appointment, Encounter etc. and wherever applicable. Also use Healthcare Service Unit Tree to set-up each Branch as one Service Unit.

Not sure if there is a alternate 3rd better approach. Can anyone suggest the best way to approach this?

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Branch are usually cost centers. Which are to be tagged in financial transactions. You can have different price lists for each branch and each branch will have healthcare service units.

Patients need not be tagged with branch because the same patient can come to different branch.

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Thank you for responding! Can you please elaborate on how to have different price lists for each branch? Also, is there a way to incorporate volume based discounts i.e. we have pricing based on number of sessions taken., For Example for 1 to 5 sessions price of 100 per session; 6-10 sessions price of 95 per session.

Use Pricing Rules.

Thank you @mujeerhashmi