How to manage asset that connect to journal entry

Hi guys, I want to sell machine and wonder how to connect between item list and journal entry? do I need to make journal entry and then go to item list to disable the machine?

Please provide more brief on your requirement, may be with an example. Also, why asset and Journal Entry needs to be connected.

Here is the standard help on creating, buying, selling, depreciating Assets in ERPNext. Version 10 of ERPNext will also have features to manage Asset Movement, Maintenance and Repair.

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i have two Questions:

1- In the Asset maintenance and repairs section, after repairing an asset and inputting the Repair Cost is there any accounting integration to the Asset Maintenance & Repair Account?

2-Also in the Fleet management section, when making a new Vehicle Log, after refueling or servicing and inputting the fuel price or Service details, is there there and there any accounting integration to the Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Account?

if there is no integration, can you help me on how to integrate it?

Any help please…

I am not familiar with the accounts you refer to.

But in integration terms, are you aware the Administrator user can modify the standard out of the box CoA?

So you can customize the CoA however you want, to suit your own account tracking practices.

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what i am asking is in the Asset Management Module and in the Fleet Management Module, there are boxes to enter repairs cost, i couldn’t find how i can integrate the repair costs for assets or fleet repairs the costs entered in their module with the accounts in the COA…and i am the administrator

What exactly is your ‘integration’ question?

You are free to add or modify account entries in the CoA tree - notice Add Child, Edit etc.

You and your accountant decide what and where you require your own new entries for accounting purposes.

When you record individual expenses you then refer to these.

A screenshot with the accounts in question you refer to would help.

Where do I find the Asset Management Module and in the Fleet Management Module?

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I apologies for the late reply

In the Asset Module - click on " Asset Repair"

in the Picture below there is a box labeled " Repair Cost"

Now how can i link this repair cost to Asset Maintenance Expense in my chart of Account?

The Fleet Management comes under the Human resource, if you click on new Vehicle log, in the bottom of the page there is two section
1- the first section is for Fuel cost
2- The second section is for service details


how can i link the fuel cost to the Fuel Expense account in the Chart of Account?

and how can i link the vehicle service expense to the Chart of account?

Great ideas. Not sure if this is already built. Else you should contribute and help us build your integration so that there’s an appropriate accounting entry done on that screen itself.



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@Dar_Altamkeen That already exists in erpnext.After logging for fuel or servicing,you can make expense claim that permit you to have expense claim type that has account that can be linked to coa

i wish i can develop it, i am not familiar with programming languages …i would have done it and shared it…

Employee can claim expense if the asset or vehicle was fixed or serviced with his own money…what i meant is if the company paid for fixing or servicing or fueling…then expense claim wouldn’t work>>>>

It is just matter of adaptation.Explain claim can handle it neatly.It will be In and Out when you select ‘Is Paid’ and select the mode of payment

How do you add stock items to the service details?

Items are usually taken from the stock to fix a vehicle. How do you capture these items and their cost?