How to manage cash discount on payment Entry

We will pay cash discount to customers if they will pay on time.
Suppose My sales invoice amount is 50,000 & we want to allow him 1000 rupees discount on payment.How should we manage this type of scenario. Kindly help.

Payment Entry gives and option to add Deduction / Loss. You can create a Cash Discount account and route it through the same. Kindly check this:

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Did you ever figure out how to do this? We are still showing these invoices outstanding even though the customer took a discount that we issued them. Thanks!

I think this post will help you solve it. Payment Entry - Deductions/Loss not working - #12 by FinForce

In brief, just check in your allocation amount (in last column) amount should be equal to your Sales Invoice and the amount of discount given should be shown as -ve amount under deduction table. So the total of (i) allocation table & (ii) deduction table equal to the payment Received.

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I know this is quite an old topic, however in the years since, what have others figured out in this area? I know there is a way to do a general deduction, but I find this a little complicated to do. Plus we get customers who will pay multiple invoices at once and it would be nice to have each deduction tied to each invoice. I know I could create a payment entry for each invoice but that’s kind of pain to do and incorrect since customer has sent in one check for multiple.