How to manage Courier Invoices?


We have a scenario which is that we sell item and send them through courier, we are sending material through many courier companies. Now the courier company would send us an invoice at the end of every month where we are charged for all the material sent along with the charges for documents sent via courier.

Now I would like to know if there is a way in the long term to track such charges, because currently we have no way to track if the charges are correctly computed by the courier company and we are generally taking the same on good faith.

Is there a way to manage such things in a more organised and an easier way?

Any suggestions as to how the team would like to manage this, any ideas on a custom app as I am kind of blank on the solution end.

Do you bill courier charges in your invoice? If yes, you can create a separate chargeable type account for each courier company.

Else you can add a couple of custom fields (Delivery By, Delivery Amount)