How to manage employee shifts

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i’m not in the field, so i ask to HR experts,does ERPNext has Employee Shifts managements out of the box?


Unfortunately, this feature is not available out-of-the-box.

Please create a Github Issue for it, with the detailed specs on how it will impact other transactions like job scheduling, reports, Salaries, Leaves etc. The mockups will be helpful as well.

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Checkout my customizations if there is more demand I would try and work on a PR:

  1. Checkout the following doctypes:
    1.1 roster
    1.2 roster_details
    1.3 shift_details
    1.4 rigpl-erpnext/ at master · adityaduggal/rigpl-erpnext · GitHub

We have been using this customization for a long time 2 years or so without any issues. Though there are a lot of changes needed for the same.


@adityaduggal awesome! You should start with a pull request :slight_smile: Will be happy to help you merge.

Welcome to the party!


@adityaduggal any updates on this?

Hi @rmehta. The Docs webpage shows that there is shift management. I tried to locate it on V10 but was unsuccessful. Am not sure if it was in previous versions or the doc is incorrectly written.

It is in version 11

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Thanks. Havent V11 yet.