How to manage franchises in frappe / ERPNext


i want to mange 100 plus franchise in erpnext with different sites url

usecase : i have 100 plus franchise store and that store have different items to sell using pos and also different customers and all things.

now i want to show a report that represent all sites cutomers, items and total sales etc. currently all franchise owner show own data but as admin i need to show this all data in one platform so, how i can do this ? if anyone have idea please give suggetions on it.


I believe ERPNext is limited to a single website per company, unless something has changed in the latest release. So multiple websites would require custom development – probably a lot.

At one point there was a pull request for multiple sites (seems like a necessary feature!), but it was never adopted.

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Check this

I think the word “site” can mean a number of different things in the context of Frappe/ERPNext. Can you be more specific about what you are trying to do?

Edited to add: you can have multiple urls pointing to the same Frappe instance, and you can have different companies with different items, etc. within a single instance too. Does that satisfy what you mean by “different site urls”?

OpenBravo may suit better for this problem. @selensoft

They already made the implementation, so I guess this can be better solved with metabase or frappe insight. :wink:

@selensoft i also want to show reports on frappe indights but we need to manage all franchise databases and insight have only one database for one query how can i do ?