How to manage hourly leave in frappe HR

How to manage hourly leave in frappe HR

I’m facing the same issue because my employees are paid by the hour.

If I use the built-in Employee Attendance Tool and set the salary structure accordingly, there is only an option for Full Day, Half Day, and Work from Home.

The best possible way to do that is via TimeSheets.
Create Salary Structure > check in the box for Time Sheets, Enter Hourly Pay.

Fill in time sheets for employees and enter the Start Time, End Time, and Activity Type.

When you process payroll, select process payroll from the timesheets.

The only pain point in this process is that you have to fill in time sheets individually for all employees, there is no tool like the “Employee Attendance Tool”, for bulk timesheet updates.

You could just try importing the timesheets through data import.

I know that is possible but it doesn’t make sense, using ERP should save time.