How to manage Inventory that becomes Fixed Asset once we rent it out


We have inventory that we sometimes rent out to people. What is the best way to manage this? I need the inventory to transfer from the stores warehouse to a fixed asset warehouse. But I also need to charge the rent. How can I attach the sale of the rent item to the material transfer?

Is there a better way to manage this?

Is it possible to sell an item and deliver it to another warehouse?


would create a warehouse called “rented Out”. You can move items in and out of this ware house. You could make a service item for every item you rent out ( so you have two items for each bicycle and bicycle_rent. The first is used to track status (rented out, available for rent) and the second for invoicing. For full automatic processing i guess u have to write some custom code. For this you can make it a payed development request

Thanks Robert!

Is it possible to write a script that says the contents of the product bundle will transfer from one warehouse to another whenever that product bundle is sold?

Basically, in order to generate the product bundle service, I need to be able to transfer the components to a specific warehouse.

You can mention a target warehouse in your Delivery Note

Can I add an expiration date to the product bundle?

Hi rmehta,

I did mention a target warehouse in the delivery note but when I check the stock ledger, the product does not appear in the target warehouse. Do you know what I am doing wrong?


Hello Sofia,

As per the design, on the submission of Delivery Note, stock of sales item decreases. Even if you select Product bundle, stock of Bundled item will decrease, and won’t get added to target warehouse. You should create two entries to manage this scenario.

  1. Stock Entry for material transfer.
  2. Sales Invoice for rent (service item). Income of rent will be booked via Sales Invoice.

ok thank you!