How to manage loan in payroll process(erpnext version v7.0.43)

Payroll without loan is working fine for us.

when we have to deduct a fixed amount from employee salary against loan,how we manage salary slip and bank entry ?

for example, we created a loan account for an employee.and transferred loan amount to his account.on salary payment we have to deduct a fixed amount from his salary and reduce that amount from loan account.please let me know how to handle this situation ?

we are thinking like do not enter loan amount inside deduction table of salary we will get total salary amount inside journal entry(Bank entry) and against salary account add employee loan account and loan amount and bank account amount as salary amount - loan amount.
is it the correct solution ?

how can i manage loan transaction(deduction loan amount from salary amount) if i add loan amount inside salary slip deduction table ?

Please Refer the link below for how to manage loan in ERPNext.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for help.

There is no employee modules in my erpnext(version is 7.0.32).

I think the working is

Create salary slip with deduction amount(loan amount).Create bank entry(journal entry) with two account

salary account -amount including loan amount
bank account-amount including loan amount

after bank entry-create journal entry for repayment

employee account loan-amount as loan repayment amount
interest amount - loan interest
bank-loan repayment + loan interest

is it correct ?

please guide

please guide

Did you solve the problem,

As I’m facing this issue and create salary journal entry did not updates the deducted amount from each employee