How To Manage multiple Companies?

How To MAnage Multi Company With Differrent User…Now i Want To See Both Accounts Details,Sales details And Purchase Details In One Different User(i.e admin).U Hava Any Idea Pls Share To Me…


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Yeah ok…I Mapping A One USer To One Particular Company…(For E.g .I Have Two Company(XXX And YYY company And Two User (Raja and Ramu).How i ll Mapping A One Company For Raja And Another Company To Ramu) Then This Both User data Are Secure by Particular User…One User Didnot See Other Company Data…(i.e, Ramu didnot See Anything About Raja Cmpany Details) …But Administartor To See Both Data Of User Like A Sales Invoice,employee and Customer.
How ll I do thIs???

@umair maybe you can add a KB on setting up permissions in multi-company.


Check following link for stepwise help on restricting user based on Company.

As per the latest updated, in the Permission Manager, after you check “Apply User Permission”, you will also be able to select field based on which you need to apply restriction. In your case, permission restriction will be done based on Company field.



Thanks …
How to hide a "A ID"user data To “B ID”.“A ID” mapping To One Company And B Mapping TO Another COmpany…THose data Like Sales Invoice and customer.etc,…When I Login To “B ID”… The “A ID” USer Data Is Not Show To THE “B ID” USer…
Please Give THe EXplaintion Clearly…
I m Staring User of ERp…PLease Help to Share The Knowledge With Me…


Are you trying to restrict user based on Company or based on Owner. To restrict user based on Company, you should first define the User Permission Rules, as which User will have access to which companies data.

Setup >> User Permission Manager

User A - Company - Company A
User B - Company - Company B

Then in the Role permission manager, for this document, and for the Roles assigned to users, check “Apply User Permission”.

Stepwise help here: Not Found

To restrict user based on Owner, check following help link.

Yeah…Alraedy Done Ths Step…Now The Company A Data Is Shown To Company B.I Want Hide a Both Company Data.Now I Submit Many Data In Company A .That Comapny A Datas are Shown In Company B.i Would Like To Hide The Datas.The data Like sales invoice,Employeee,Customer,eetc…This Concept Is Run A Two Company In Sites(With One Databases).
Thanks…Please Help

How To Secure The Data Between Based On User Id??

If you have already set up the User Level permissions for the Users, then they should only see the relevant information. We have been using it and it works.
For your case if XXX has Ramu and YYY has Raju, then in User level permissions, for user Ramu, select Doc Type as Company and “add User Permission” and Select Value as XXX. Similarly for Raju, select YYY. Now the users would only see the relevent company data.

As for your query related to Securing data between Userid, then you can try the same user level permission based on User.


Thanks For Ure Reply…
After This Mapping…Same Problem Is Repeated One Company data is Shown To Another Company…
AnyOne IS Ready Solve…Please

Can you goto Settings>>Users & Permission>>Role Permission Manager. Select a document from the pull down list of Document Type say Sales Invoice. It will show all the roles that have permission to view/write/create etc.There is a check box for Apply User Settings. You will have to enable it for the different roles.
Check after this for Sales Invoice for different companies and users. You should see the relevent data.


Thaks Ya…I hide All The Data…But Only Items Is Not Hidden??For All The Roles Is Enable For A Apply User Permission…
Why???What s Mistake??
Any Mistake?

Items are not company specific.If you want then

  1. you can company add field in the item
  2. make item groups specific to the company and then set user level permission for the for the item group.

I will prefer second method to first one.

Hope it helps.


Filtering the DocType based on e.g. Company is working for me, even when there are lot of settings to do.

But what is not preferred in IMHO is that the users will see the LOCKED filters.

As you can see, at the screen shot: The user is noticed about the special “Company” filter. Normally that let people think about getting the other data as well :wink:

Is it possible to hide the lock and the filter info (Company = XXX or YYY)?

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please tell me what this KB meant?

Sorry as this not configurable. I believe that if filter is applied, it’s important to show value based on which filter is applied. Other User can spend time in searching the record he/she doesn’t have access to.

sorry to bring this topic up
but under Role I don’t see company
so under Accounts I don’t see company

i’m using ERPNext: v5.0.7


I’m also trying to manage multiple companies.

I added a user with the companies added to the user permissions and the role set to apply user permissions.

however when i try to create a sales invoice and change the company value, i still get the no permission error.

any ideas? if i may have missed something.

help would be greatly appreciated.

The drop down picker where I can select the company doesn’t show and the not permitted error pops up.

A drop down picker should appear like how a System Manager user sees it.

Am I missing some permission or setting?

Please advise.