How to manage multiple outgoing Email account?

We want to setup multiple outgoing email account in out system. For example for birthday remainder & other notification we want to use a different outgoing email account and for auto email reports we need another outgoing email account and also for notifying supplier or customer we need another outgoing email account.

Kindly help how should we manage the above situation. and also how should we mention the outgoing email account in auto email report setup?


You can setup Emaill accounts in ERPNext. Refer the link

Also you can add Email to in Auto Email Report

Hope this helps

This doesn’t explain how to select specific accounts for specific tasks; for instance, how would you control the from-address (or reply-to, for that matter) on a notification from a Project vs a notification from Manufacturing?

In in the email settings you select ‘Enable Outgoing’ this means that this is now allowed on sending emails from a drop down box at the top of the dialog. You can also set a ‘default sending’ which is used for anything not otherwise defined.

To enable this option in the permitted dropdown email senders do the following

Tick the ‘Always use Account’s Email Address as Sender’ in the email account.

Now you will have the ability to send from second email address.

This doesn’t address what I mentioned - if I assign a project to someone, I don’t see any way to control the from or reply addresses if I select “notify by email”, for instance.

Hi you have said put Tick the ‘Always use Account’s Email Address as Sender’ in the email account. so a from box will apear, I have tried that on ERPnext 8 but the From box doesnt appear when i go to send and email.

do you know why

thank you

I just discovered that you also have to add the email accounts to the user account. Then you will be able to select them as “From:” email address.
Go to: User > Email Inbox


I have a similar query.

  • Need to assign default outgoing email for issues and oppertunities reply, like replies to raised issues must be sent from and reply to address and for oppertunities, something like now it is sending all emails from default outgoing email and reply to address is users personal address.

  • I even tried the above mentioned solution, by creating multiple outgoing emails and adding the required outgoing email accounts to user’s email accounts too, but there is still not option to choose from or reply to email id while sending email .

  • Third, as another wayout, is it possible to just assign a default “reply-to” address for doc type emails, like for all issues/support replies “” and for opportunities “”, so that if the customer replies , it goes to the respective issue/opportunity history, not in user’s inbox.for sending email default email will be used, but reply to address will change depending upon doc type, and for normal emails user’s account email is used.

  • Lastly if we are using sparkpost for outgoing emails, there is no way to use same email id as an inbox account, as you can define login user only once for both incoming and outgoing email, and in case of sparkpost smtp settings for outgoing email, it is different from normal login detail, hence can not fetch emails from that account.If there is a way to create separate outgoing and incoming email accounts with same email id,so that for incoming/inbox we use normal login detail of email for fetching emails, and for outgoing email entry we can use sparkpost smtp settings,somewhere it is mentioned that this setting was available in earlier versions.

Waiting for some experienced advice or suggestions.


Resolved after some experimentation

  • For support tickets as well as lead replies, that are automatically fetched from respective inboxes, the reply to address is by default the inbox email id, and does not change to user email id replying to lead or support ticket.For example if leads are directly being generated from email id, any user who manages the CRM/leads etc, can reply from leads area, and reply to address will remain

  • One outgoing email is set up as default and will be used for all automated emails, like weekly digest, auto emails/reprlies etc.You can create multiple outgoing emails, just have to assign the new outgoing email id’s to the users for allowing them to send using those email id’s.

  • As our serveres don’t allow to open standard smtp port for outgoing email, we are using sparkpost with dummy sending emails like for outgoing emails.For incoming emails we are using our standard business or gmail accounts that works fine.

Took some time, but now understand the email flow in a better way.


Hello want to setup multiple mail in my ERPNextv12 for Example for sales -
for puechase - like this.
so all POs should be going in puechase mail id and all quotation should be going sales mail id.

can please help me out.

@shardaatul04 how do you assign email id’s (you mean email address?) to users?

I have Admin user account, and if I go My Settings/Basic info, that has email account associated with this account. This is available when I select for example Sales Order email option.

In the Settings/Email Account I have a second email account also set up. But this does not show up in the dropdown box as selectable option when sending emails. If I make the second email address as primary in the Setting/Email Account section, then this becomes visible but admin email disappears from the dropdown list.

Tried going to Admin User / My Settings, and when clicking the profile link, the ERPNext goes to CRM/Contact, and then in Contact Details section added the second email address (the same already set up in the Settings/Email Account section). Still not showing up in the dropdown box to send emails.