How to manage Purchase Invoices cross Multiple Payments

Hello, All!

I have a doubt regarding the management of Purchase Invoice and Payments

I have a Purchase Invoice of 1617.20
The supplier splits the payments in 30, 60, and 90 days, So I need do these entries according this dates:

2016-03-17 - 634.07
2016-04-14 - 491.57
2016-05-12 - 491.86

Can I make these entries in Journal Vouchers and keep it “Unsubmitted”?, or have another approach to manage this?

yes, you can do that but you will loose the date info. You can also create the JV’s for the date and amounts when payment arrives. So you will have 3 JVs and you will correctly see the unpaid amount.

@becht_robert, I understood you! But I dont got about lose the date info!

@rmehta, @nabinhait I have a small idea to manage the I/O Money flow based on this, if it will beneficiate others I’ll implement in the core, if not I’ll keep in a separated app! But the idea is basically the explanation of payment parcels! Can it make difference in the accounting?

This is basically future posting. Maybe set reminders for payments and then make the actual payment on the day based on the bank status?

What i meant if you enter the 3 payments in one (1) JV so 4 lines in total 1 debit and 3 credit, you will loose the date info of the individual entries (the 3 credit lines).

@becht_robert, this is the point! I’m not interessed in lose the dates!

I’m thiking that will be awesome see these payments to process in a calendar!