How to manage sellable items with price created by request?

For some companies, while in Service Market segment, is common have prices that have a fixed Price, and other services that have prices by request.

When I worked in Group Realize, the solution that we adopted was:

  • Create a new Item, that is a clone from the basic service, and assign in the Item name, the Customer Name, and the date of the Quote.

But this turn the Item table, unmanageable after some months, If you will do 10 K of Sells, do you will lose more time managing Items, than selling.

The other possible workaround is the creation of a Selling Price list Using the customer and the date of Quotation, but It will requere a clone of all prices from the base price list, and the change of the Price of the Quote Items, again, manage it will turn the process lazy, and will generate thousand of data that is necessary.

I’m thinking if we can have a options for Sellable Items, that Indicate that they have a Price on Request.
For these Items, the existence of the price in the Price List is not Required, what can disable the option to automatically add the price in the price list, for these Items only.

I really appreciate any comments about this


@max_morais_dmm I like this idea as we have run into a similar issue

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I agree with Max. Basically some service businesses do not have fixed prices for services since they can be tailored based on the industry and job performed. The ability to price an item without a price list would be helpful in this case to be able to offer flexible prices to the service industry.

One example would be selling an item and wanting to add a shipping charge to it, but the shipping charge varies based on the shipment details such as destination, size, weight, etc with an infinite amount of possibilities.

I would like to know too if this is possible.


I think we can just do a normal quotation and set the price , for approvals we can do some workflow into it… so it can be requested and approved

once it set off we can use price list or pricing rule for the customer

just an idea…