How to manage the User Permission based on the Tasks Assigned

Hello Team,

We have created a Task and we are assigned to some users. See below

I have logged in with my User (JG), but I can see the Task which is assigned to AS (Ajay Sharma).

How can we manage that the User for which the Tasks to be assigned should be able to see its task, based on the assigned, the user should be able to see its tasks only and not of other

Any pointer or any solution on this?

Currently, there are two ways of achieving it

1st way:-
You can not give permission to view tasks to users, instead, you can share the task with them, by doing that these users will be able to access only those task documents. And when they are done working on it, you can remove sharing.

2nd way:-
You have to give permission to view a task using a role (like Project User or so) that enables the user to view the task, then you have to manually create User Permission to make the user see only the assigned task. But a big loophole is when users don’t have any User Permissions, they can able to see all the tasks.

So, 1st way is 0% permission, and then you give the user doc permission to view the doc and in 2nd way, you are giving 100% permission and then resstricting it.

Here, by using the word “User Permission”, my meaning is the “User Permission” DocType

Thanks for your valuable time in replying to my query.

I have just a doubt about the 2nd Method: How I can assign the user permission where the user can see only their assigned tasks

So, there is a doctype called “User Permission” where you have to specify user, document, and value like you can specify for Task and TASK-0001 value

The only thing to remember is that users have some type of role that enables them to access Task doctype. Like the Project User role of ERPNext enables the user to see a task, it gives the user 100% permission for the task, and then by using user permission for that user, it will restrict the user. Also at the current point in time, the user has no user permission for the task, so the user can see all tasks.