How to mange the Activity section at the end of each document?

As shown in the photo, this section contains the comments, the track of changes, the emails …
However, all these may cause confusion, so I need to manage and remove some of them, especially the email which put the sent message.


Any help?

There’s no way to do this out of the box, though you should be able to override the methods that generate the activity list with either an app or a client script. For individual emails, you can always just unlink the communication from the document from the communication form.

I have a custom notification and I want it to keep sending to individuals but as you see in the photo above it is resent and shown to everyone in the document. How can I remove it in the activity section within the ERPNext?
Do you know where can I find these methods to be override? in which file and folder?

I add a javascript to hide the notifications messages sent to the timeline section:

var notifications = document.querySelectorAll("[title=Notification]");
    for (var i = 0; i < notifications.length; i ++) {
       notifications[i] = 'none';

if anyone has better solution, pleas share it with us