How to manually run RE-ORDER Material Transfer from warehouse 'A' to warehouse 'B'?


Automatic Material Transfer takes hours to run and often does not run, I have to transfer items from warehouse ‘A’ to warehouse ‘B’ and Material Transfer is not ready.
In my business response times are fast and I need to run this operation instantly.


-There are two warehouse ‘A’ and ‘B’
-‘A’ is the main warehouse where all items are received and ‘B’ is the store.

  • I need to transfer Items from warehouse ‘A’ to ‘B’ based on the ‘AUTO RE-ORDER’ of each product that is currently available in ‘A’.
    -‘A’ has availability of all items with quantity greater than 8.
    -‘B’ is out of stock with 0 Qty on all items.

  • For each item in ‘A’ the ‘AUTO RE-ORDER’ was defined as follows:

Check in (group): All Warehouses - dyl
Request for: ‘B’
Re-order Level: 0
Re-order Qty: 2
Material Request Type: Transfer

-This is the Warehouse Tree

  • All Warehouses - mycompany
    ** All Stores - mycompany
    *** A - mycompany // Main store
    *** B - mycompany // Store

I’ve been reviewing the list for 24 hours:
http://myerpenext.loc/desk#List/Material Request/List
And the Material Transfer is not generated

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The item that you see in the ‘Material Request’ list is a purchase that was generated previously, what is not working is the automatic item transfers from one warehouse to another.

In this video the item has quantity 0 in LENS warehouse, automatic material transfer is not generated:

:: Stock Settings > AUTO MATERIAL REQUEST > Raise Material Request when stock reaches re-order level: (checked)