How to map a process manufacturing scenario

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I am mapping a process manufacturing scenario and I encountered a problem statement. I need everyone’s thought on workarounds that can help in mapping the scenario.

Now in a manufacturing step we have a two different items to be produced from a raw material. While creating a BOM it ask for the quantity of raw material to be fixed. where as in actual the raw material (which is in KG) consumed for manufacturing one liter of Finished goods is not fixed, with every batch it can be more or less and for other material it is also the same. For example for manufacturing 1ltr of Juice we might need 5-6 oranges. In such scenario, what are the different ways of customizing the system to keep track of raw material and finished goods with precision?

Appreciate your thoughts and help.

This might help you

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Thank you so much for helping me out. This just skipped my mind somehow.

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