New Feature? Process Manufacturing

Hi all,
We have developed process manufacturing for a plywood manufacturer and has gone through the process of acceptance.

Unlike discrete manufacturing which is based on Item BoMs, sub assemblies etc., Process Manufacturing would require ability to configure the manufacturing process as the input / output items and their quantity are not known before the process starts.

Basically, this feature will allow you bring in multiple Items as input to a Process Order and produce multiple Items. The process definition allows you to define both input and output Items - the quantity is updated while Start and Finish of Process Order.

Some of the documents like the Manufacturing Department seems customer specific, but Process definition and Process Order may help others in similar business. We have used 2 costing methods for cost calculation of Joint Products, as detailed in the GitHub readme - based on this post.

looking to hear some feedback and suggestions from the community, if interested we will work on making this generic enough to raise a PR.
Thank you!


Excellent! Can I see a demo some time please?



Forgot to mention. You can take quick look in the git repo, there is a GIF as part of README.


Hi Ranjith,

But if you can show me a live implementation, I can see data and that’s very important to be able to visualize how it’s going to work at a customer site. So, apologies if I am asking for something impractical, but a demo would be simply awesome. In the meanwhile I will take a look at the GitHib repo and check out the awesome work that you guys have done.



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Will PM you.

Hi @ranjith , JayRam

Have shared the access details with Mr Jay.


Why not post this publicly? There might be many other people willing to help!


I guess its their internal test server. I’m not sure if its a good idea to share the credentials publicly - will check with them. Or maybe its better if we setup a demo site with the app installed - we’ll see to this. Till then, anyone can get the app from GitHub.

You guys are rocking, keep up the good work & development going. Best of luck :+1:

@akurungadam @Ranjith, I saw another post by Jay & Rishabh talking about foundation resource, I have tagged you in it. Construction module for batch billing things you guys working on. May be there is an opportunity for collaboration.

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@rmehta, @akurungadam, @Savad_Ibrahim

I have started a testing server. Please use following credentials.




I had queries regarding this process following are my queries :

  1. Can we pick items from sales order?

  2. We are involved in providing services for interior products such as curtain stiching,upholstery services etc.Each time we get an order from an customer we issue an work order or production order to our job workers.But our order are customised to customer’s requirement and there shall always be a difference in items and quanities.So I wanted to understand if the process manufacturing process shall be useful for us?

  3. Regarding the costing I have checked the costing of manufacturing our costing is not based on hours,ours is based on type of item to be manufactured(i.e. our service providers have given us the rates they shall charge to manufacture a certain type of curtain so total cost would be Rate per curtain*no. of curtains),can we do such costing in this process?

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I think a diagram of the workflow would really help explain how this differs from the existing (know quantity inputs and outputs) manufacturing module.

@Boacasa Not sure a process can be initiated from SO, coz we don’t know the qty of out put from a process. You should be able to use Physical measurement as costing method(Note this is the cost price of the product, not the price at which you sell).

@tmatteson Will try to wire up one. I’ll just write out how it differs from current manufacturing module.
Process defenition only has the input, output and scrap items. The quantity is defined on real time, i.e when a Process Order starts and ends. The cost of produced goods is calculated based on total cost of raw material as well as workstation overhead and it is divided based on two methods, Physical measurement, Sales Value.


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I am unable to use the testing server,could you please check?

Sorry there was an issues while updating the instance, Now we have fixed it(Thanks @Ranjith )… You should be able to access the system now…

password wrong?

I have removed the testing instance, You can try to check out it from github.

Thanks Salem

I installed it on my test instance…Where do I see the module?

I cant see it under manufacturing

You are welcome,
You should be able to see an icon called Process manufacturing in Desk, Otherwise you should be able to see a new module if you click on Explore from desk. See attached…


I cant see this.

I can see the doctypes …but I cannot see the modules.

I am guessing I did the installation wrong??