How to map an erpnext user to a location/warehouse?

If a company has multiple sales outlets and multiple users in those outlets, is there a way how we can map a location to that user, so that whenever that user makes an inventory related transaction such as sales or purchase, then that location is selected by default?

You can set for each user of a branch a User Permission to Warehouse for the value of the Warehouse created for the branch.

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I could not find this option in the User configuration. If you could please advise, where and how can we set this?

Type User Permission in the awsome bar to go directly to the document. → New->User (select)->Allow (select Warehouse)->For Value (selecte the Warehouse for this User)->Check Is Default.
Maybe you need create extra User Permission for the same users to allow them to access others Warehouses transactions but without check Is Defalut.
If it were necessary to establish finer filters so that the User Permission for Warehouse applies only in certain doctypes and not in all, you can uncheck Apply To All Doctypes and then select the doctypes that you want.
With this tool you can play a little until you achieve the desired configuration.

Please check the following:

Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot!