How to Merge Fiscal Year


How do I change/migrate fiscal year ?

When I started testing erpnext I created multiple fiscal year. As time went by I settled to 1 fiscal year, but I didn’t realize that a bunch of my transaction was placed against the wrong fiscal year. Did not cause any error or cause any issue.

But today when I am creating a new invoice, it gives me error as I have multiple fiscal year, and I could not figure out how to merge all these fiscal year. Trying to delete one will shows error as these fiscal years is linked to GL entry. I don’t see any option to edit the fiscal year in the GL entry.

So no im stuck unable to create any new invoice…

Hi all,

Manage to create the invoice by deleting my new “correct” fiscal year. Now I’m stuck with only the wrong fiscal year (i.e. start and end date is wrong). Is there anyway for user like me to change this ? I read from other much older post How to amend fiscal year? that it can only be done by erpnext admin ? (I’m running erpnext hosted).

If anyone knows how to change the fiscal year start and end date by myself please let me know

Help anyone ?

You can try to see if the Bulk Update tool works for you

Thanks for the suggestion. But looks like I need to be the admin for the server to use the tool. Mine is hosted in Erpnext server and it prompt error when I tried to do the update

And if I try to use the bulk tool to update start and end date of the fiscal year, it gives me this error

If you are on ERPNext cloud, you could probably check with ERPNext support team