How to migrate Desk Pages (version 13)

We have two instances of a frappe app (dev and prod).

We shipped a release with desk pages called Tournament to production.
In iteration 2, we did some changes to the desk page. The JSON got generated and we pushed the update to production. But bench update does not replicate the changes in production.

Anything that I am missing here?

Summary General Steps I have followed:

  1. Dev Instance:
  • Edit the Desk Page (it is marked as standard)
  • Bumped up the version
  • Committed the changes to git repo
  1. Went to production instance:
  • bench update

bench migrate would work in your case. Good luck!

When creating the deskpage, ensure the owner app is your app. Then ensure you have ticked “Is Standard”. This way a json for it is saved in your app and it can be transferred across installations.

i am getting same issue i created desk page called testing then i deleted and did bench migrate after that i got error desk_page

do yo u know how to resolved this issue

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@mwogi the JSON is indeed generated, after doing a git pull on different instance. I do a bench migrate but it does not reflect the desk pages that are present in the instance.

have the same issue :sleepy::sleepy:
any sol?

I had renovation app installed, it seems it was caused by it.
Working now :slight_smile: