How to migrate doc types and data from V11 to V12

Hello Friends ,

I am using v11 since more than a year now and would like to upgrade to v12 ,
i have many custom docs and huge data (of 1 year) , My challenge is how do i now upgrade to v12 keeping custom doc types and data intact.

Thank You in Advance for kind assistance


Hi, I understand that V12 is backwards compatible. So your custom DocType should work. Hope that you have made all changes through an independent app.

First install V12 on a demo server and then add the db to it. This will tell you of any error that you may face when upgrading to V12.

Best of luck.

Hi Muzzy ,

Thanks a ton for your response and solution !

I am not familiar with bench so if you could tell me where the DB would be available in existing installation and how do i add it to new installation ?

Also , I created doc type using custom doc types so hope that works !!