How to migrate from bench01 to bench02 including all sites

I have simple scenario
How can I migrate all the sites under bench01 to bench02
I need step by step commands to make everything migrating smoothly in case there is a corruption in bench01 and I had to build bench02

bench update --site <sitename> --reset
should work

Thank you @trentmu for reply
From your answer I can understand that this command will move the references to the sites from bench01 to bench02
if this is the situation this means that this command you mentioned should be run from folder of bench01
please explain more in details if you can

if your site is called site1.local (most installations use this unless you used a custom set up), then the command would be
bench update --site site1.local --reset

if you have only 1 then you can use
bench update --reset

Thank you @trentmu
the scenario here is bench01 and bench02 and bench01 having multisite and it is needed to move it to new bench “bench02”