How to migrate from ERPNext Cloud Platform to Self Hosted?

One of our client want to migrate from ERPNext Cloud Platform to Self Hosted.

How to migrate ERPNext from ERPNext Cloud Platform to Self Hosted?
How to get all the new fields change in JSON file as our client have added some additional fields in the doctype in ERPNext hosted site ?

Koshish Koirala

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Download the backup and restore onto a machine on which you’ve built a new instance of ERPNext.

Stay on Frappe Cloud. I implement ERPNext on Local Install or AWS or Scaleway for my clients, but that’s only because my clients need significant customizations.

And I charge them stiff AMCs, way more than what Frappe Cloud charges on a per year basis.

Moving away from Frappe Cloud is not too hard, but here are the various implications:

  1. Who is going to keep the entire stack patched?
  2. Who is going to run updates on ERPNext? What if it breaks?
  3. Who is going to ensure backups are done periodically? How do you know these backups are working?
  4. Who will set up encryption on your server so that your client’s data is secure? (Applicable when users access ERPNext on their browsers)
  5. Where will you host the server and how much will it cost?
  6. If you are going to do a local hosting, how good is your internet link? If it is spotty, how will people outside that location be able to access ERPNext when your internet link is down?

I mean hosting it on Frappe Cloud is both cheaper in the short and long run and more peaceful.

I have no connection to Frappe and this is both my personal and professional view.

Unless you need serious customization, don’t do a self hosting is my advice to all my customers.

Hope that helps.




@JayRam Thank you for your suggestions.

Our client require significant customizations.

How do we get the json changes, and the new fields which our client had created on their instance in Frappe cloud?

Koshish koirala

Download backup of their current instance, create new instance and restore onto instance. Since you are restoring the database, all custom fields will get restored as well. Please search the forum, the procedure to backup and restore has been document adequately and multiple times.



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Thanks @JayRam for valuable info about local hosting disadvantages.