How to migrate raw sites files to a new frappe-bench setup

Hello guys, i have a big problem in my hands. I have a person call in need of urgent help. Their ERP server computer suddenly died and they called me in to order a rush new computer, we had some in stock so there is no problem there, but the guy wanted me to attempt to transfer the ERP project from the old computer to the new one

I have the SSD from the computer that failed, I imaged that drive to preserve what ever that is left. I was able to find the frappe-bench/sites/thenameofthesite folder and it looks like everthing is in here.

How do i migrate this to the new computer? For now i guess while waiting for answer i will intall frappe-bench/ERP next first on the new computer

I have a frappe-bench up and running and i just need now how to import the site taken from the old ssd.