How to model consignment stock in stock module?


I am trying to implement erpnext for consignment stockist model. I am pretty confused on how to do it. It will be really helpful if you can guide me to right direction.



Has anyone customised stock module to fit consignment stockist model?

Should we develop a separate app or is there a way to fit business model in existing system?

Can you explain what do you mean by the “consignment stockist model”?

I’m also trying to handle the consignment stock situation. It’s a common model for manufacturers producing for retail locations like supermarkets.

It’s like this: I produce a product, I send it to the customer (a supermarket for example), I invoice the customer at the end of the month if the product is sold. If it’s not sold, it’s returned to me.

I can do the Sales Order and Delivery Note to the customer but I cannot keep track of stock at the customer’s location. I can’t set a customer warehouse as a location.

Maybe one solution is to create a Customer warehouse, assign different customer contacts to it, then do a Material Transfer from my Finished Goods warehouse to the Customer warehouse. Then, at the end of the month, I issue a delivery note and invoice for the amount sold. Any leftover stock is returned to me.

@purple that seems right. You will have to unlink billing from shipping.