How to modify drop-down list of Items for manufacturing

How can I modify the drop-down list of Items for Items for manufacturing?
When selecting an Item, I want the Item name to be inserted in the field instead of the Item code.

Any suggestions?

Do you wish to feature this in some print format ? I mean do you want to display this item name in the printout or just in the document ?

Thanks for your reply @root13F!

I want to show this only in the document, in the form, because it will be more readable for the employees when filling a production order.

I think then there would already be a field named Item Name that would get populated automatically as you select the item.

Also, you can search the item by its name too, so employees don’t need to memorize codes.

You are quite right, there is a field with that name, I can do it that way, which also does not have much complexity.
Thank you very much @root13F!

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