How to modify rate in Purchase Invoice

i have one question about changing price in purchase invoice ;
the scenario is as follow:

  1. create Purchase order
    2)receipt Purchase order
    3)create Purchase Invoice
  2. do the payment

now i want to modify the price in purchase invoice and i also want to see the effect of this change in General Ledger;
how can i handle this scneario?

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at which step do you want to change the price?. if you want to change the price after purchase invoice or payment. it’s not possible

after creating Purchase Invoice and submitting it, i want to change price;

then how we must modify purchase price, if we made mistake in entering price in Purchase Invice?

You should cancel-amend Purchase Invoice to change the price. one cancelling, invoice will be unlinked to payment entry. you can later link them both via Payment Reconciliation Tool.

There are two ways to do this.

  1. Cancel the documents and amend them.
  2. do Return for all documents and generate new with correction

??? what do u mean with “do return”?

For changing a rate specifically, doing a return (Debit Note) may not be ideal.

Since the question itself says 'mistake in entering price" (purchase invoice is entered based on Bill received from Supplier, so this seems to be an oversight). A mistake could be corrected by ‘Cancel’ document and then ‘Amend’ for price changes.

After making the changes >> Save and Submit. The revised doc number would be linked to the original purchase invoice document for easy reference in future,

Steps: Cancel >> Amend >> Save >> Submit