How to modify the project module

Hi, i am new here and our company is also new in this type of softwares. I just want to know if it is possible to customize the project module based on our existing procedures. Like we want to make the project module as a single reference in which we can see there the purchase orders made on that project, planning, material request, sales orders and qoutations.

There are links to other documents like Sales Order, Purchase Order, Material Request, etc on the dashboard. If this is not enough, you can also see a list of Linked Documents by clicking Menu > Links

Thank you netchampfaris.

Also I want to change the BOM Name into ESTIMATION because I want to do all my estimations in the BOM. I want to remove the operations and the workstation in the BOM. because I want to make a breakdown of my estimation into 3 seperate sections (LABOR COST, MATERIAL COST and EQUIPMENT COST).
All of my manpower, materials and equipments were all in the ITEMS Module. Is this possible to do, Can you help me do this format?