How to move customized "Print Format" from Dev server to Production Server


I’m not a developer, I’m just a normal user.

I’ve used the Print Format Builder to customize sales invoice , i’ve put the right header, footer and columns …etc to fit my needs in my development server (VM version) . It looks perfect. But I failed to figure out how to export it and push it to my production server. Any advise? Please help

Many thanks.

Two ways

  1. Make an custom app, save the print format in custom app in standard format. Push git in github and install custom app into your production server. (It’s not possible for you, though you are not a developer.)
  2. Make a brand new version in your production server, by seeing from dev server manually.
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Thanks @munim

Hmmm, first way is quite hard for a regular user.
The manual way is what I wanted to avoid on production server.

Thanks a lot :pray: