How to Move existing asset ledger balance to reflect on new asset items i created


I am trying to move the figures I have on the asset ledger to asset items I created so that the items can have proper Asset recording and depreciation.

**When we started using ERPNEXT, we only created asset ledger (Motor Vehicle, Furnitures & Fittings, Equipment etc…) on the Chart of Accounts without creating Asset items on the Item List.
**We pass entries to the ledger through journal entries anytime we buy an asset (Just credit bank and debit the asset ledger account).

With the above entries, assets are not properly captured for auto-depreciation and building of the asset register.

So, i have now created all our Asset items on the Items list and assigned them to the proper asset categories.

The problem now is how to move those existing figures on the Asset Ledger to reflect on the individual asset items I created so that it can start depreciating according to the setup I did on the asset categories.

Someone should please help me