How to move items form warehouse to another

Good morning Community :slight_smile:
i was looking for a way to move (items ) from ( warehouse A) TO (warehouse B) directly ?
also add charges for this in my account for 3rd party company who transfer it for me to give them the money in every month begging .


for material transfer from warehouse A to warehouse B you can use the Stock Entry.

please check the Material Transfer in Stock entry


Thank you , @makarand_b it solve my first problem(Y)
when i did it it makes :
Expenses Included In Valuation - f as credit
Stock In Hand - f
Stock Adjustment - f
as a debit

i want to make my account to the 3rd party company for delivery !
still don’t know how to do it ?

Hello Makarand,

I hope your are doing well.

I have query, how to give effect of issuing non sales items like stationery in stock module.