How to Offset a Submitted Payment Entry with Submitted Sales Invoice

We recently implemented Stripe for CC payments and are getting used to using the Payment Request feature. We created and submitted a Sales Invoice first like normal procedure. We then issued a payment request which was completed by the customer and the Payment entry is also now submitted for this transaction.

The issue is that now our AR statement still shows the outstanding invoice for $893.54. It also shows a payment for $893.54. How can we credit/debit these so that they clear each other out? I looked and it does not seem that there is a way to use journal entry to apply payments against invoices. Looking for help on how to clean up these transactions. Thanks all!


Have you tried Payment Reconciliation tool? Go to Accounts > Banking and Payments > Match Payments with Invoice


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Thank you Prakash! I was not aware of this tool and it did exactly what I was looking to accomplish. Much appreciated!